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do anyone know about the jian zi tang weight lost capsule?

it contain you know what spirillum is and what is the function on the body.does it really help to lose weight?

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2 Responses to “do anyone know about the jian zi tang weight lost capsule?”

  1. dude said :

    no but i do know they will give you side effects
    do a natural diet with determination

  2. izzy said :

    No information online.
    Spirillum is a type of bacteria. One group can cause rat bite fever.

    There is a Chinese weight loss capsule and in the description of it’s action…
    7-8 hours later after you take it, you find the fat in your drainage.
    Main ingredient: Gensing, hawthorn fruit, rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, red kojic rice, etc.
    Hmmm, I wouldn’t want fat in my drainage.


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