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Has anyone ever lost weight by physiologically changing their feelings about hunger?

What I mean is I know someone who insists he lost a lot of weight by convincing himself that when he felt hungry, it was actually his body burning fat. So over time, he actually enjoyed the feeling of being hungry, and ended up eating a lot less food.

If this possible or is this guy just a freak of nature? If possible, how does one do it?

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2 Responses to “Has anyone ever lost weight by physiologically changing their feelings about hunger?”

  1. stormjem said :

    I guess it is possible but it doesn’t sound healthy if its taken to extremes and you end up starving yourself. Your body will burn more when you eat more otherwise it will go into starvation mode and everything goes to fat. Exercise also helps speed up your metabolism especially when you build muscle.

    They have done studies involving visualization that showed effects of people visualizing themselves exercising actually increased weight loss. You could use meditation and visualization too for focusing on eating a better diet.

    I lost a lot of weight over time just by listening to how my body felt when I ate food. Noticing that my body felt better while eating good foods and how it felt repulsed when I ate junk food. It helps to focus away from your mind chatter and actually feel your body.

    Another thing I changed within myself too was not focusing on eating food as bad. If I did eat something bad I didn’t dwell on it. I didn’t put myself down about it. I think fretting about your weight and dwelling on eating does affect your metabolism and how your body deals with food. By thinking something will make you fat makes you fat.

    I hope this helps.

  2. pluisje said :

    Hi i myself have a different way of getting where i want to be.
    no i am 60 KG and less then 1.5 jears ago i weight more than 80
    nowadays i just dont feel hunger anymore.
    i never puked to lose weigt wich i find a disgusting and wrong habit (you can really fuck up youre vocalcords and lungs)
    my way just stay depressed from puberty till adolesence, after that go live on youre own and by lazy XD
    i eat junk food al the time but my body cant process the fat anymore ^^


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