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Carl Lewis MOT55 treadmill?

I have purchased a Carl Lewis treadmill, and have read all instructions ect that came with it! but am unable to find out what the distance is measured in! i run for 10 mins an when i click on the distance is says 1.52 but 1.52 what??? does anyone know, plz help!!!

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3 Responses to “Carl Lewis MOT55 treadmill?”

  1. bigmitchdog82 said :


  2. NØ Votes for Congress said :

    •Sounds like miles.

  3. steven_prentice_666 said :

    Probably miles.

    How fast do you feel like you were going? If you think you were running then it would be miles, if you think you were jogging then probably km. 1.52km is just under a mile which most people can walk in 20mins.

    You can of course check. Put the machine to a comfortable walking pace. If the speed is about 4 or a bit more then it measures in KM, if it is about 3 then it is miles.


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