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I want to sell my Vitesse V-Form Advance Motorised Treadmill?

Anyone know best place to sell it, or is anyone interested? thanks
pick up only Bexley, Kent
(UK) selling for £280

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6 Responses to “I want to sell my Vitesse V-Form Advance Motorised Treadmill?”

  1. marshmallowinferno said :

    Advertise on Craglist or Kijijji or sell on ebay.

    Good luck,
    I had a treadmill and got rid of it too.

  2. Ruin said :

    free classified ad in newspaper

  3. Sean G said :

    Certainly am interested! How much and where it is to be picked up from?

  4. Julie Mitchell said :

    I have a Roger Black treadmill & would like to sell it for £300 (cost £700). Anyone interested? Pick up only, I live in Brechin, Scotland

  5. ola said :

    i have a pro form sport 385s heavy duty paid1.200 will sell for 550 or best offer.

  6. Rajeev Singh said :

    I Want to sell my trade mill machine very good condition actual cost 58,000/-
    cont 9845026690


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