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Has anyone used the SC Fitness ‘SCFT201w’ Treadmill. I am thinking of buying one and would like a review plse?

I would like a review of the Brand New SC Fitness ‘SCFT201w’ Treadmill which I would like to purchase for use at home. I cannot find any reviews on this piece of equipment on the web and wondered if anyone had bought or used one and what they thought about it. Is it any good? Thanks if anyone can help

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3 Responses to “Has anyone used the SC Fitness ‘SCFT201w’ Treadmill. I am thinking of buying one and would like a review plse?”

  1. Jugga Jatt said :

    This running machine is a brand new 18 km/h semi – commercial SCFT201w motorised treadmill.

    The SC Fitness SCT201w (Silver / White) Treadmill is engineered for sports fanatics who want to monitor and enhance their workout performance.

    Automatic Incline, Pulse Rate Monitor, Personalised Training Programme Facility, Large Track Dimensions, Walking, Jogging and High Speed Running Facilities, Hydraulic Slow Release From Fold Function

    ~ Specification ~

    Speed (Kph)
    1-18 Km/h

    0-18% powered

    Running area Length

    Running area Width

    Pulse Sensor – Hand

    Pulse Sensor – In-built receiver

    Heart Rate Controlled

    Console Features
    1 Large Backlit LCD window

    Console Feedback
    Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Incline, Lap counter

    25 including Heart Rate Control

    Folding Mechanism

    Max user weight

    Power Supply
    Mains powered

    Length (In Use)

    Width (In Use)

    Height (In Use)

    Length (Folded)

    Width (Folded)

    Height (Folded)

    Weight (Kg)

    10 years motor, 1 year other parts & labour

    Safety standards
    EN957 safety tested, ISO9000:2000

    The machine has a continuous horse power of 3.0 with a peak of 4.5.

    Automatic incline helps you to make your workout hard and firm. It has a hand pulse monitor as well as infrared for heart rate measurement and it folds for easy storage. Whilst the high DC motor allows for a stearn test making this treadmill true value for money

    This is a great treadmill that allows you to run, walk up anything makes you really feel as if your running up a mountain 😀

  2. Nathan said :

    Hi. I bought an SCFT201w.. intially it seemed very good until it went wrong. The chap that runs the shop Eamon is a waste of space. I had to send someone to the shop to pick up a replacement part!. I had to fit this myself and after 2 days the same fault developed. They are un willing to do anything about it. I would advise everyone to stay well clear of SC Fitness they are a very dubious outfit.

  3. mark jacobs said :

    Hi Guys,

    I bought the same machine just over a year ago and it is still runing fine. Slight problem with courier but shop manager Eamonn sorted it straight away. Well pleased and would have no qualms recommending these guys!


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