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Can stretching my calves make them slimmer?

My legs are very huge. i’ve been pretty active lately and everyone said my thighs got noticably slimmer. But my calves are not really make any difference. can stretching them make them smaller? if not, how can i make them slimmer? thanks.

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3 Responses to “Can stretching my calves make them slimmer?”

  1. thomkat said :

    Thick calves look good in high heels.

    It looks powerfull

  2. jeristhin said :

    I believe it can. It elongates your calf muscle, especially sustained stretching.

    Something else that’s good for that is laying off the weights on your calves (if you do any) and going for Yoga.

    It promotes a lean, toned, healthy body without creating or maintaining bulk.

    Hope this helps.

  3. hisshado said :

    You probably don’t realize just how voluptuous your big legs make you look.
    Don’t nothing but a dog like bones.
    Give me a big girl any day.


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