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how do you make your thighs slimmer?

i am quite slim and i understand that your thighs are ment to be bigger than your calves but i would just like to loose some weight off them.
Thanks to everyone who will help

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20 Responses to “how do you make your thighs slimmer?”

  1. MR POTATO HEAD said :


  2. Matt G said :

    Do lower body exercise.

  3. renaissance said :

    Get off them and work!

  4. rollacoasta said :

    I don’t think you can lose weight from a particular part of your body. You can tone your thighs, but this could make them bigger if you’re not dieting, as you will build muscle.

    I’d suggest a healthy diet and walking / speed walking for an hour every day. Walking is one of the most efficient and under-rated exercises for overall weight loss.

    Good luck xx

  5. romeo said :

    chainsaw and lots of bandages.

  6. sailormarszakuro said :

    buy some slimming panties or something like it

  7. tdeb said :

    Try doing butterfly exercises or leg stretches. Sit on the floor and place your feet together (butterfly exercise). For the leg stretches, lay on your side on the floor, and lift your legs. Those should work.

  8. strathkinnessbilly said :

    wear a body bag and hop around everyday for 20 mins….worked for me

  9. far2ana said :

    running is good… i heard the chinese slap their thighs to thin them down but i dont know if that is true.

  10. pgx30 said :

    running is good, but once you have converted fsat to muscle you need to keep it toned, i would not recommedn lipo – look at posh spice

  11. NANCY D said :


  12. Floppy Dick said :

    Spend at least an hour a day with them wrapped around my neck.

  13. dimblonde said :

    Hehehe, you just made me think of what someone would look like it their calves were bigger then their thighs, rflaomaoell or whatever that thing is people say when they think something is funny, apart from the easy one to remember, lol.

    Anyway darling I got real slim thighs as you can see. But all the boys tell me that they prefer walnut crushers, so don’t worry about it too much. I’m sure your thighs are just perfect.

  14. RSJ said :

    I have the Windsor pilates circle. Metal circle with cushion pads. This was from the video and I could really feel it- so I do these often: place cushion pads against inner thighs, cushions right above knee. Have feet flat on floor, hips on floor- knees bent- press thighs together. I do about 30 and then lift my legs up in the air and do 30 more. It burns! And I have seen/ felt a huge difference. I walk everyday and that didn’t firm up my legs the way I wanted. This does! I ordered the pilates dvd and circle online, but I bet the pilates circle can be found at sports stores.

  15. rogerglyn said :

    The Published Models and Film Stars have air brushes for their photographs.

  16. jay f said :

    Lunges are great for slimming the thighs. One leg infront of the other and bend the front leg down, then take it in and do the other one. In other words, alternating the thighs’ movents. Do it front, back and to the side. Do three sets od 20 on each

  17. missyqaballiot said :

    Well, they say there’s no such thing as spot reduction meaning that there is no set exercise that will ensure you lose fat off a specific part of your body but I have personally found that jogging either on the treadmill or outside for about 30 mins every other day can help shape your outer and inner thinghs so you lose weight from these areas as well as your bum, as well as this, you will find that cellulite will gradually disappear.

    A stepper and an exercise bike would be good to lose weight from your lower half too but as these can be costly, I would strongly advise joining the gym and within the membership, you will also be able to access the exercise classes and classes like fatburner, hips bums and thighs as well as circuit classes, be it running or studio. They will add more variety to your workout so you won’t be as bored and they are perfect for losing weight from your lower half.
    Hope this helps!

    Ps. try to eat 5-6 small meals during the day – trust me, it’s easier and more enjoyable than it sounds!

  18. x Pretty Girl x said :

    just do squats and bicycle movements in the air

  19. Annetta Masin said :

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