How can you make your thighs slimmer?

I am a size 10 i like my body shape i like the front view of my legs but the top back of my thighs and bigger than i would like is this because i have abig bum? and how can i make them slimmer/?? Pleassssse help. I want to get to a size 6/8

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4 Responses to “How can you make your thighs slimmer?”

  1. CC said:

    A size 10 is fine
    If you want to tone up you will need to excercise, try a bike

  2. Reb W said:


  3. Gypsophila said:

    I’ve found that if I do lots of weight exercises for the legs and bum over about 2 weeks I can loose about an inch from my hips as my muscles get more toned. I always end up failing to keep it up though 🙁

  4. linda said:

    i am disappointed with my weight gain within da last 3 yrs i went from 150 to close to 200lbs. i have huge thighs n hipps i have a gut that was never there n my arms are so flappy i could fly away! somebody help wat am i to do?


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