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Can I lose weight fast by giving myself an in-home colon cleansing?

I’m sick of trying diets and machines that don’t work. I was thinking, would it work if I just cleansed myself analy RIGHT AFTER I ate so that I wouldn’t give my body a chance to digest and absorb the food? I know it sounds kinda gross, but I was thinkin of jus using a breastpump on me from behind as soon as I eat.

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5 Responses to “Can I lose weight fast by giving myself an in-home colon cleansing?”

  1. Nurse For 20 Years said :

    A breast pump? Oh yeah, that’s a great idea. NO, THATS INSANE. Besides that, what you eat takes several hours to even get to your lower intestines. Don’t be ridiculous and even attempt something like this. If you want a professional colonic, go to a professional. Just remember its not a diet plan.
    If you want to cut down on what you’re eating, do it when you eat, not later on.

  2. kavi said :

    It doesn’t work that way.

    Diet and machines work,invest in some willpower.

  3. John said :

    What you are describing here sounds absolutely ridiculous – but if you try it, video tape it and post it on the internet and send it to Tosh.0 you will be e-famous!

    Oh yeah and colon cleansing is BS. Check out the Penn & Teller episode.

  4. h 2 said :

    You don’t need cleansing.
    Eat properly and leave the rest to your clever body.

  5. Deborah Brown said :

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