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blisters from the treadmill?

i love running on the treadmill but after 20 mins or so my feet are crippled and i can’t keep going. for days after my feet are red and sore and sometimes i get very nasty blisters on the soles of my feet :/ any suggestions? this happens no matter what running shoes i wear.

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6 Responses to “blisters from the treadmill?”

  1. insane_mad_maniak said :
  2. Cuong said :

    its difficult to answer. Are you new to running? if yes and this is the first time its happened..i should think its your running shoes and/or your socks. go into a sports store and ask about getting a proper fitting running shoe.

  3. $chroederJ said :

    running outside isnt so bad. try better socks maybe..

  4. EMILY 2nd said :

    You’re either a) Not wearing the right type of shoes. Invest in some proper running shoes designed for you.
    or b) Your socks are too thin.

  5. Foxy said :

    Blisters are caused by friction from the rubbing of the skin on whatever is covering it, make sure whatever you wear fits properly. Just because it feels nice when you are walking does’nt mean its gonna be a good choise for you to run in. Try on different brands of trainers and you may find a brand you have never thought of buying before but feels good straight away……… comfort rules over fashion everytime.

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