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From 130 lbs to 115 lbs how can I do it?

Ok Im really desperate in loosing 15lbs not quickly but ive been trying to loose it since the beginning of this year. I tried exercise eating ok but when I look at the scale it always comes up as 130lbs no change mind you I’m 5’2 and half. The only way i think is to loose weight is being extremely depressed because i lost 10lbs last summer when my ex boyfriend broke up with me. And I moved from New York to Miami where everybody seems to be a size 0 eventhough im a size 5 i feel pressured to look better than what i am. Is there some way i can loose 15lbs without stressing out? Someone help!


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2 Responses to “From 130 lbs to 115 lbs how can I do it?”

  1. kyant said :

    Always lose weight on your own account, never for anyone.

    Losing weight steadily is the best!

    1) Eat more steam food, vegies and fruits

    2) Cut out the junk food, soda drinks and snacks

    3) drink plenty of water

    4) Exercise – look at combining weights and cardio into your program. If you don’t want to go to a gym try walking 30 minutes a day, jogging or some of sprinting and jogging

    Here’s a review link to a program

    5) Have 5-6 healthy meals a day(1 plate portions) to keep your body satisfied

    6) if you have cravings drink water or eat fruits
    here’s an article to a healthy diet

    7) have an action plan for long term goals, start off with small goals and increase it gradually over time.

    Good luck

  2. Trying Hard said :

    a healthy diet is extremely important in the weight loss process but its important to diet right dont go for starvation or fad diets like low carb diets just eat healthy its that simple we all know whats healthy and whats not . also exercise is VERY important if you want to lose your stomach or arm flab or any other fat in any other part of your body try running or walking or swimming, maybe bike riding or you can pick up a sport it doesnt matter as long as your active try exercising 30-60 minutes everyday and doing 100 crunches every other day will help too and i also recommend you drink lots and lots of water
    hope this helps
    good luck
    you should also try using this website
    its really good


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