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Are these foods bad for fat loss?

I am eating healthy, but there is some confusion as to whether or not these foods would benefit or prevent fat loss:

Bread (wholegrain)

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4 Responses to “Are these foods bad for fat loss?”

  1. summer lovin' said :

    depends.. those are all full of carbs. they can however help in fatloss, if you just have a very small portion size, like a spoonful of rice, a quarter size of spagjetti, a sweet potato, etc. make sure the veggies take up most of your plate 🙂

  2. ChibiMegan said :

    Yeah they are high in calories. Try vegetables, fruit or meat that has not been fried and exercises help to. Good Luck 😀

  3. xc_runner94 said :

    They are all high in carbohydrates and calories. In small portions they will provide your body with energy however too many will cause you to gain fat and feel like crap.

  4. Spaceman said :

    Potato’s are recommended but not fried or cover in salt or injected with cheese

    Bread is meh dont fight the urge too eat an entire pack of it, hell i eat 7 packs of bread a day i just…….cant fight the urge…….so overwhelming………….

    Pasta yes in everyway is a must not eat its full of emptey calories and bread stuff…..oh the bread stuff…….

    Rice as long as its not white or fried your golden.


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