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Foods best for fat loss?

I understand that white bread and potato’s and unnecessary fat and sugar should be cut out of the diet, but what about wheatmeal and wholegrain bread?

I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, but what other foods should be included in a fat loss diet. I exercise for at least 40 minutes daily.

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4 Responses to “Foods best for fat loss?”

  1. Valor D said :

    Foods with high acidity (i.e. tomatoes, grapefruit, oranges, etc.)

    Undereating can make your metabolism slow down so that everything you eat will stick to you like glue, so that’s not good, either. Best to just eat moderately. Limit your eating to twice a day, and no snacking in between.

  2. siu pa said :

    avoid pure Carb food, like pasta , bread and rice. I use to have oatmeal with hot water. really really really good, I have had 2/3 cup (70g) boil with water in mins as my dinner, I am losing 10 lbs in a month, of course, I workout 10 hour weekly and during weekday, i just get 900 cal , and weekend about 1800.
    Please try. oatmeal is about US$ 1 per lb

  3. Kaye said :

    potatoes are not bad, sweet potatoe is really good for you…yess fruits and veggies. andWATER! =D yepp hmmm healthy soups and yeahh thats all ican think of. remember for fat LOSS its also about how much of the foods you eat


    Salmon, celery, cold water, apples, wheat pasta/bread


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