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are stationary excersize bikes got for cardio and fat loss?

I have one and thinking about using it to lean out (got some baby fat around the gut lol) and get the muscles showing.I have never done cardio because I have always been pretty lean up til now (deh boozes) maybe do 15 minutes and work up to 45 minutes every other day?? for at least a month then 2x week??

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5 Responses to “are stationary excersize bikes got for cardio and fat loss?”

  1. maur911 said :

    they are ok for weight loss,not so great for cardio. A tred mill would be better for cardio.

  2. trainer53 said :

    Stationary bikes are great for cardio and fat loss. Diet is also a big deal. To lose weight you’ll need to watch what you eat (and drink) too.
    Do it daily 5-6 days a week. 15 minutes every other day isn’t going to cut it. 20 minutes minimum better at 30, daily and take a day off. It all depends upon how serious you are about it.

  3. Corey T said :

    an elliptical machine would probably be better and go 3 times a week with half aN HOUR EVERYTIME YOU GO,AND IF YOU MUSCLE BUILD A LITTLE IT HELPS BURN OFF THE FAT QUICKER MUSCLE BURNS FAT SO YOU CAN KILL 2 BIRDS WITH 1 STONE

  4. lv_consultant said :

    yes, they are very useful for both increasing cardiovascular endurance and for fat loss. the intensity at which you exercise at determines how effective it will be to aid in fat loss. the higher the level of intensity the greater the increase there will be in the resting metabolic rate (RMR). increasing the RMR is the key to decreasing body fat along with a sound diet of whole foods.

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    Max-OT Cardio

  5. daziedgirl said :

    well first off any type of exercise and movement will definitely help you. i am not for sure on how much toning you will do but anything working those muscles will help become strong. try working out for the 45 mins like u said three times a week and focus on some exercises kinda like tybo or something similar to get a good cardio workout. add in some ankle weights when riding the bike and/or hand weights if u should decide to do any other type of exercise..more you move and sweat the better u will be!


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