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Universal healthcare : why is it wrong? Why is it ok to have health insurance that may not cover everything?

It’s funny how the USA is one of the very few developed countries not to have some sort of system of UNIVERSAL coverage.

You may say “why should I pay for other peoples illnesses?”. Then again, what if you ever became ill? Wouldn’t you want to know there was treatment available that wouldn’t bankrupt you?

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9 Responses to “Universal healthcare : why is it wrong? Why is it ok to have health insurance that may not cover everything?”

  1. Lky15 said :

    Im British so we have the NHS, i had a flu jab today, in and out in 3 minutes, and i didnt have to pay anything. The NHS is brilliant and we might have to pay taxes but everyone uses it, no one is never ill

  2. hi said :

    It will bankrupt at the end as who will pay the bill?

    The government? Look at CA and other 10 states now, they run out of money.

    Anything universal is encourage lazyness.

    We should have more affordable insurance, we don’t need 5 stars hospital.

  3. Ern T said :

    It is odd, if it’s true what I’ve read on many occasions, that the US system actually costs more than ours without having the benefit of universal healthcare, I think that those who oppose it oppose it on principle.

  4. Super Ruper said :

    Your first statement is quite right. Its astonishing that a country could call itself the Greatest Nation in the World, and yet one of the major parties does not see the necessity to provide the people with healthcare coverage.

    I can appreciate that people don’t want to have to pay for others – but hey, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And besides, there is alot of tax money being collected – wouldn’t people feel better if they got something as valuable as healthcare in return for paying their taxes…instead of how it works now – with the lobbyists and special interest groups benefiting?


    I think its because it would, like many other government programs here in America become corrupt. The less the government gets into our pocketbook and dictate what we do the better off we all are. Universal anything is a definite no no.

  6. Boss said :

    Nobody is denied health-care in this country, but I do agree that there needs to be a better system that doesn’t bankrupt someone for getting sick.

    A big part of the problem however are the illegals…they use up a huge amount of out resources.

  7. GARY B said :

    One of my friends asked me this kind of questions before,I found helpful here .

  8. ULAM said :

    I’m Canadian and I love our health care system. With that being said, there are two major negatives that you have to deal with when you have socialized health.
    1) You get taxed for it. Americans might be looking at us and thinking that our high overall taxation is because of health care. Some of it is, but I doubt that many of us believe that all of the money we pay actually goes to the health care system. Our government just uses health as an excuse whenever it want to raise taxes.
    2) People abuse the system when they know it’s covered by the taxpayers. I’ve seen people in the emergency ward with headaches and cuts on their fingers – ailments that could be cured with Tylenol and Band-Aids. These people just waste money and resources by running to the doctor when they have a little boo-boo.
    What I don’t like about the American system is the necessity to rely on insurance companies for your health. I understand how the system works, but I also understand the reality that insurance companies are out to make money – as big a profit as they possibly can every year. We all know how crappy car insurance companies can be. I wouldn’t want to face that same kind of headache when dealing with my personal health.

  9. Group Captain Lionel Mandrake said :

    why not, the fire service, police military, FBI etc is socialised, you don’t get a choice of police officer.
    why not put up their conviction rate and let people choose, or pay for the type of crime you would like to be covered for? if anyone said that you would think they were mad. so why not?


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