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In need of help quickly(image crisis)?

i need some planned diets or tips to lose weight.
i also have some fat under my breasts, this mostly show when i wear bras how do i get rid of this?
also when i stand straight, folds form in my back how can i get rid or decrease the visibility of my back fat?
anyone know some good exercises to make my stomach flatter?please help i really want to just loose some weight since i have a beach trip i 2 weeks but i will want to continue working out after.any planed diets that have worked on you?thanxxx:)

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5 Responses to “In need of help quickly(image crisis)?”

  1. Christian said :

    lipo suction

  2. Chrysanthem said :

    Your problem has no quick formula, coz those fatty deposits took years to accumulate, you must learn about the saying “no guts, no glory”. You can combine a regimen of yoga, and jazz dancing workout…just for the moment…but before that, ask your doctor…

  3. Fairydust Woman said :

    all fruit diet, and stop eating meat!
    no fast food, no butter, no red meat for sure – maybe white meat ok, in small amoiunts.

  4. Megan B said :

    You can totally do this. It’s going to take a diet change and exercise, but you sound really into it. I lost weight quickly last year and it’s because I had a great attitude about it like you do.

    Cut out cheese. It does nothing good for your body and there are lots of other great ways of getting dairy (yogurt, frozen yogurt, skim milk – I like mine in a white russian lol). Seriously. No more cheese.

    Do cardio every day. If you aren’t ready to run, that’s ok. Walk super fast and get sweaty. After the first week you should be ready to shuffle. This isn’t a full jog, but it burns lots of calories.

    As for the stomach exercises, try these: They will hurt, hopefully, and you’ll notice a change in 24 hours.

    Good luck!

  5. Psalm 62:8 said :

    I know some one who tried Jenny Craig and they lost over 40 pounds in under a year.
    One way to get a flatter tummy is pilates. I recomend pilates for dummies, it is a video tape, I tried it and really liked it.
    P.S. I don’t think i spelled pilates right so this is how you pronounce it. Pill-ah-tees.

    Hope this helps!


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