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Any advice on how to prevent fingers from freezing?

this is my first year in Sweden and i’m not used to such extreme hands freeze very quickly and it hurts 🙁
i wear 2 pairs of gloves, but it doesn’t help
my friend says its because i’m vegetarian and i don’t have enough proteins..also I have been steadily loosing weight despite eating normally

grateful for any advice

thank you

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3 Responses to “Any advice on how to prevent fingers from freezing?”

  1. kmm said :

    Try mittens so your fingers are together and keep each other warm

  2. Mr. Smartypants said :

    I used to do cross-country skiing. We learned that if your hands are cold it’s because your whole body is cold. The body pulls blood from the extremities to protect the core, so your hand and feet get cold. You don’t want to put on heavier gloves, you want to put on another layer over your torso, a sweater beneath your jacket. When your body is warmer, more blood flows to your hands and feet.

  3. Quaternion said :

    It should be possible in Sweden to find really heavy duty gloves, perhaps down-filled, intended for skiing or other winter activities. Really good ones won’t be cheap, but it is worth it not to constantly get cold hands. The other solution for those REALLY cold days is to insert a little heat pad into your mitts. See the website below for the descriptive information from a Canadian supplier. These work extremely well and can last up to 12 hours. These are not re-usable, but are inexpensive (maybe $1-$2 Canadian). There are also some re-usable heat pads, but I haven’t used them. You can also get similar pads to fit in your boots if you are prone to cold feet!


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