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where is the place to find weight loss meal plans ?

I’m 6 ft and fat aha. i just joined a gym and work out 4x a week for 3O mins. I just need guidance on how to eat . i would really like to see some weight loss meal plans or something. My doctor said just eat right and work out but where do i start ?

Any weight loss tips will be helpful. Thanks.

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8 Responses to “where is the place to find weight loss meal plans ?”

  1. Krystel said:

    L.A. Fitness

  2. Jen said:

    Give weight watchers a try. You can even do it online. Go for a little while to learn the plan then do it on your own.
    I lost 30lbs on weight watchers then had a baby & gained it back so I’m back on it. I love it because you can eat regular food but you just have to figure the points for each food you eat

  3. over the hill said:

    im fat to …dont worry just dont eat cakes Chocolate and sweets fish chicken fruit dont go on a diet or buy diet foods just cut out fatty foods size 24 uk

  4. Hott_Momma said:

    Weight watchers is awesome to teach you how to eat right. The frozen Lean Cuisine meals are good quick low calorie lunches. Look around online for low fat recipes or get a low fat cookbook.

  5. harshathlete said:

    You can sign up to and they can customize a meal plan for you. But this will cost you like 4 to 5 dollars a week ( I think ).

    The easiest way to lose weight is to eat only when you are hungry and not out of boredom. Also , no second helpings. For now , stick to whatever you are eating but focus on moderation and no second helpings.

    Since you are also exercising, these two things combined will create weight loss.

    Then you can slowly start replacing fried foods with healthier options ( e.g replace french fries with a fruit cup or cole slaw ). Drink more water. Slowly remove all soda from your diet. Have treats like desserts or candy or ice-cream only 1-2 times a week.

    More importantly, make small changes over a period of time so the changes become permanent and you keep off the wieght you have lost.

  6. Human Larvae said:

    Forget everything almost everyone including your doctors tell you about how to eat. I GUARANTEE you you will lose weight even without working out if you eat how I tell you to eat. Do NOT eat ANY bread, pasta, candy, cookies, ice cream, or anything else with sugar in it, this includes Tortillas, and corn and any sort of floury food. Do eat green vegetables, and any and all kinds of meat, as much as you want of the latter. go to to get meal plans and learn about the diet. DO NOT listen to people who say it is dangerous or anything like that. I lost 50 pounds in three months without exercising at all. It also lowered my blood pressure from high to a very healthy blood pressure. Check it out, I ASSURE you it WILL work.

  7. tim g said:

    eat small meals at regular times.

  8. Robert said:

    I find that drinking water helps a lot in shedding weight. It isn’t so much the water but the lack of sugar that’s in drinks that does it.
    I also walk whenever I can. Walking is very good for losing weight, so is eating less,.. Try it.


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