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How do I lose weight without my boobs shrinking?

It sounds ridiculous, but my boobs always seem to shrink the most whenever I’m losing weight. I’ve switched my workout routine around many different times… but that seems to be the place I lose weight the most.
Any ideas for avoiding the weight loss in my boobs? I’ve worn two sports bras and avoided certain arm exercises that would seem to make them smaller.
It’s just frustrating seeing the one thing shrink that I want to stay the same.
>I’m not going to get implants…lol.
>And, it’s not that my boobs are at all small, so I don’t need a wonderbra…they just get smaller than I’d like them to be.

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8 Responses to “How do I lose weight without my boobs shrinking?”

  1. andrew e said :


  2. allison said :

    its impossible to reduce weight in only certain areas
    when you lose weight, you lose it all over
    im sorry to say that means your boobs get smaller too

  3. urguy71 said :

    personally i dont go for big boobs anyways this never amazed me im more of a a.s.s. guy my self

  4. straighthealth17 said :

    You can’t choose where the weight comes off of when you lose weight. You can try and build muscle where the weight comes off of though.

    Beginners Guide to Dieting –

  5. fairbetsy said :

    Unfortunatly it’s that way for most of us, Get a good push-up with removable “cookies”. You can take them out if your not needing them or put them in when you do.

  6. abbacchus said :

    get a wonderbra

  7. Maricruz Perteet said :

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  8. Savanna Leef said :

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