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What kind of healthy snacks can i take to work?

I have been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pursuer and I am now on medication. Everything that I usually snack on at work I will have to stop eating. I know yogurt and granola is good, but dose anyone have any suggestion on some healthy snacks that I can take to work, that won’t affect my sugar or salt intake?

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8 Responses to “What kind of healthy snacks can i take to work?”

  1. Zach said :

    Carrots or those little oranges or apple slices

  2. lindzeelover said :

    I don’t know about sugar or salt in these items but some healthy snacks: unsalted pretzels, carrot sticks and dip?, plain rice cakes, cottage cheese?, other cut up veggies, maybe some kind of dried cereal?, smartfood popcorn?, those dried breadsticks they sell in packages- (I usually dip it in some unselted butter) crackers and cheese, oatmeal cookies, nuts, trail mix – without too many salty items (like raisins, nuts, chex cereal, unsalted pretzels, cheerios, ect)
    sorry if all of these fall under the dreaded not-allowed category, someone with diabetes may be of more assistance!

  3. Critz said :

    I take a little bag of mini ritz crackers and cheese to work everyday.. it holds me over till dinner and pretty healthy too..

  4. ehack31 said :

    Ummm…granola sounds a bit carb heavy to me. I would think more in line with carrots and peanut butter, celery, a carb choice serving of crackers–not too many, sugar free jello, sugar free pudding–remember to count the carbs, & salad are all better choices.

  5. mrs wilson54 said :

    fruits and vegetables are always good but check with your doctor first to make sure you eat the right things

  6. kerri said :

    I’m not sure if you are type 1 or type 2. I’m type 1, so sometimes i may have to take insulin with my snack if it has alto of carbs. But low carbs is the way to go. try a salad, i put in cucumbers and baked chicken slices. proteins don’t raise your blood sugar as much. but they still fill you up. i avoid fruit, because even the natural sugars tend to raise my blood sugar. oh and cheese is a good choice too! Good luck, it gets easier with time!

  7. KUJayhawks#1fan said :

    Granola is normally high in carbs so that is no good my dear. You need items that are low carb for your snacks. Veggies are a good choice. Anything that will be 15 grams or less of carbs per serving will be a good choice. Beef Jerkey is a great choice, as it is very low in carbs, but watch the sodium. When you have your appointment with a dietician.(which you need to do if you havent yet) They can help you with other snack ideas. When you know what your carb count will be, it will get easier and you will be good to go. Good luck

  8. The Stig said :

    Many, many things.

    I’ll give you what i call the healthy list:

    Apple / Apple Slices
    Wholegrain Rice
    Wholemeal Pasta (not to much)
    Bananas (they’re easy to squash, careful!)
    Carrots (washed, the skin contains most of the goodness)
    Fish Cakes (personal favourite)
    Corn Fritters
    Fruit Salad

    and much more…

    Make sure that when you cook foods you use light oil. Make sure you avoid chocolate or sweets. Try making a fruit salsa by cutting up different fruits of your choice then cutting it up into bite size pieces then put it in a tupperware container.


    Anyway, hope this was helpful to you. Have fun at work with your tasty, healthy snacks.

    And try to not peel fruits, the skin retains much of the goodness. Stay away from fruit juice. Seriously. It’s really bad for you.

    Good Luck


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