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What healthy snacks can I have when feeling peckish?

I want to start eating healthily as of tomorrow. What healthy snacks can I have to subsitute chocolate, biscuits, crisps, nut assortments, etc.? Preferably fruity and interesting (as in not just a piece of fruit, but maybe stuff I can make using it), but not too complicated please. And they have to taste good, no tofu! Thanks!

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33 Responses to “What healthy snacks can I have when feeling peckish?”


    bananas and strawberries

  2. Pups said :

    motzos with edam grilled,plus tomato slices.

  3. secretagentwd40 said :

    Make a smoothie! just put some fruit along with some milk, Orange juice, or lemonade in a blender and BAM yummy…..

  4. snookster said :

    Seeds from the Food Doctor range.

  5. mimi said :

    yoghurt with fruit
    healthy ceral

  6. ♥haggisbasher♥ said :

    Why not try dried fruit mixes, they are tastey and healthy, cereal bars, fresh fruit salads, nut mixes (not salted). Pasta salads, there’s so much to choose from.

  7. Paintings said :

    Strawberries always work for me. Don’t disregard celery, you use up more calories eating/digesting it than you gain from it. However, it will not make you slim, just not make you fat.

    Tomatoes are very versatile – chopped tomatoes & red onions work well, also try slicing a couple of tomatos into 3 flat pieces each and then chuck on some herbs and grill them. Mixed herbs work well. V. low in calories.

  8. TRACY said :

    fruit flakes are nice and they do yogurt coated ones too.

  9. big burts bollox said :

    air,fresh air if u can get it,but air is good. organic air is better again but its so expensive,just because some farmer took a sh1t in the field once!!!

  10. ideclareathumbwarsays1234 said :

    get a plain wrap and make a smiley face out of fruit

  11. [email protected] said :

    Got a blender? You can run a banana and some milk through the blender for a nice shake. You can add walnuts to it also for protien. Like veggies? Run a few carrots through the blender by themselves. Carrot juice and the pulp! Tastes great. A piece of tomato in with the carrot don’t hurt either. Just a piece though, or it gets really messy.

    You can also do crock pot veggie meals with beef or chicken stock to add flavor. Just get some nice ‘taters, carrots, peas if you care for them, a bit of corn for texture and crunch, green beans, (Don’t add ’till almost done or they get soft.) more crunch, and a bit of stuffing mix or bread cumbs to make it a bit thick so it sticks to the ribs. You can also use bullion cubes with plain water instead of beef or chicken stock. (Watch out for the salt though. It can really build up when you make something like this!)

    And you can also go the “healthy” snack route to curb your cravings during the transition period. Baby carrots in the bag, stuff like celery with peanut butter. (You can make these in advance. Cut the celery in about two inch pieces, fill the groove with peanut butter. Cover with wax paper and put in the ‘fridge. Instant healthy snack.)

    And apples! Don’t forget apples! Not as good as the banana for nutrition, but a crunchy, healthy snack. Take an apple, core it, slice it into wedges, and sprinkle some cinnamon on the wedges. Nice taste contrast, especially with the sweet apples. I am a big fan of low-fat ice cream. You can add that to just about any fruit, or add any fruit to it! Frozen strawberries and low fat vanilla ice cream in the blender. Good stuff!

    Got more, but I’m getting a bit long here. Good luck with the new healthy diet. Ciao!

  12. Carrot Cruncher said :

    Ryvita’s with cottage cheese & Sultana/Raisins/Sliced peach

  13. K B said :

    I know its not fruit, but plain popcorn is healthy and filling.

  14. Jolesharvey said :

    snacks. I have low fat spread cheese on crackers or homemade smoothies using strawberries, apples and banana’s, crab sticks, nuts (as they are still good fat), but i would say the smoothies are the best and fill me up and because they are already blended they are easy to digest.

  15. More or less Cosmic said :

    Cut some washed celery and fennel into chunks. Scatter some salad seasoning over the chunks with a finishing touch of honey mustard dressing. Finish off the preparation with some pine nuts.
    Eat with a slice of bread and spread with, if allowed in your new diet, some cold white wine.

  16. Sophie said :

    My Nan – size 10 aged 89 – snacks on cold boiled brussel sprouts!
    Yuk…oat cakes are really good and filing, maybe with low-fat cream cheese. Smoothies with banana really fill you up.

  17. Nicky T said :

    You can buy packets of dried apricots from health food stores – taste nicer than you think and good for you. Alternatively a handful of nuts and raisins or sesame seed bar.

  18. emily_jane2379 said :

    make yourself a big fruit salad so you can snack on it during the day- makes it as easy to eat as unwrapping a chocolate bar, cut up veg as dips for houmous, etc, dried fruit and nut mixes, low fat yoghurts (check the sugar content though), smoothies- just trow the fruit in the liquidiser, a square of good quality dark chocolate a day is good for you- depends whether you can stick to a square though!
    good luck

  19. Vicki B said :

    I have the smae problem Im always in the biscuit tin so when Im dieting I stock the fride with fruit and veg but heres a few suggestions. Cherries and grapes are good very sweet and no peeling. Try a bowl of fruit salad with strawberries, bananas, peaches (whichever fruit you like) add a couple of table spoons of natural yogurt or honey. Pumkin seeds and pine cones ar good (in small ammounts) Carrot sticks, celery, peppers chut into slices. Even dried fruit good for you apricots, prunes, dates but only in small ammounts as loads of sugar. If you do need chocolate buy fun size bars and freeze them they last a lot longer frozen. Good luck with the heathly eating

  20. Dodie said :

    fruit and nuts,

    fruit salad – use three or four, then vary from day to day with other fruits

    seeds – pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, mixed with some sultanas or raisins

    Best of all use your imagination to come up with combinations you will enjoy.

    Good luck with your healthy eating!

  21. JOJO said :

    you could try cutting up some carrotts and celery and cucmber into strips and leave them in your fridge and some homous as a dip.Or you could make some sugar free jelly and have some fruit with it.I like merange nests as they are low in fat.

  22. Hippocratic Oath said :

    Cornflakes with semi-skimmed milk laden with blueberries and sliced banana…. Always works for me!

  23. MARK B said :

    good old fried egg butty …with HP sauce…if you want the low fat version leave out the butter…use marge….smashing

  24. avrilandpcdroc said :

    Any fruit. Cereal bars or my favourites: Fig rolls! (although some brands add a heap of sugar)

  25. Kathy said :

    Lowfat plain yogurt with fresh berries or bananas is really good.(mango is really good too) My favorite kind of yogurt is a greek yogurt called “Fage” (fa-yeh) it’s really good, and one container is big enough to last a couple snacks.
    *if you wanna add honey or maple syrup, it adds calories but it’s good*

  26. Ben said :

    trailmix is one of my favorites…

  27. QueenBee93 said :

    mangos and papyias( did i spell that right?)
    cubed and mixed, that mix makes good smoothies too!! for smoothies mix the fruit and fat free yougurt and a little honey, yumm!

  28. mevlana said :

    This is good…it gets even better after a few hours in the refrig..

    Banana Nut Bread

    Mix together thoroughly
    2/3 cup sugar
    1/3 cup soft shortening
    2 eggs (or Ener G egg replacer)

    Mix together and stir in
    3 TBSP sour milk or soy milk (see recipe below)
    1 cup mashed bananas (3 bananas =1 cup approx.)(Beat bananas to assure consistency)

    Sift together and stir in
    2 cups sifted flour (or 1 ½ cups flour with ½ cup ground almond flour)
    1 tsp. baking powder
    ½ tsp. baking soda
    ½ tsp. salt

    Blend in
    ½ cup chopped walnuts

    Pour into greased and floured 9” X 5” X 3” loaf pan. Let stand 20 minutes before baking. Bake at 350 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes or until it tests done (fork in center comes out clean).

    Note- 1 cup grated apple (unpared) can be substituted for bananas to make Apple Nut Bread.

    Sour Milk

    Use ½ TBSP (1 ½ tsp.) apple cider vinegar to ½ cup milk or soy milk. Let stand a few minutes. (For single recipe)

    Add 1 TBSP apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to 1 cup milk or soy milk. Let stand a few minutes. (Doubled recipe only)

  29. sanny said :

    toast a slice of bread on one side under the grill turn it over and put a slice of ham on it then some pineapple or fresh fruit top with some grated cheese and grill this side till cheese is melted,it’s very tasty.

  30. clappydoo said :

    Here is a quick, simple and tasty way to have an avocado; if you are not sure of them, get the seller to show you how to tell one that is ready to eat.

    Cut in to the stone all around, lengthwise. Twist the halves apart. Gently push the stone sideways with the knife edge and it should pop out.

    Then, use a blunt, round-ended knife to cut into the flesh without going through the skin; cut across and lengthwise so that the flesh is diced.

    Put a shake of Worcestershire sauce (go lightly with this if salt is an issue) into the hollow left by the stone. Just use a teaspoon to eat it straight out of the skin – delicious!

  31. slender slim said :

    u cud try the nutrigran bars they r healthy hn the strawbeyy 1`s r the best of u can go 4 the simple option wich is fruit

  32. appropriatepurple said :

    Carrots, cucumber or celery dipped in houmous! But if that’s too healthy and you’re not much of a vege lover try sprinkling a tiny bit of paprika on a pitta bread, toasting it and dipping that in houmous!

  33. Wilfred Slaughterbeck said :

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