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What are some healthy snacks to bring to a movie?

Okay, so at school tomorrow, we are allowed to bring snacks & drinks to watch a movie. I was wondering, what are some healthy snacks to bring.

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14 Responses to “What are some healthy snacks to bring to a movie?”

  1. lindsay said:

    I love rice chips. Still junk food, but a little on the healthier side 🙂

  2. the Hammer said:

    Nuts and iced tea. Maybe some cheese sticks and grapes?

  3. maryluh said:

    are you really asking this on yahoo answers?

  4. :)smilez said:

    Twislers. You may not think they are healthy but they are pretty good for you.

  5. Liberal Girl said:

    Frog legs or manatee pie.

  6. Mrs. Edward Cullen said:

    Nuts, water, raisins, and grapes should be good?

  7. molly♥ said:

    pop corn without butter
    cut up apples and penut butter or carrot sticks
    apple juice or orange juice

  8. jarec t said:

    an apple, some type of friute, or trail mix would be good=]

  9. To Live and Die in L.A. said:

    I once sneaked in a whole Pizza into the theater. Not kidding. =D anywho.. How about some dried fruits and nuts, fruit juice, fruit cocktails. ???

  10. smarty said:

    almonds are ammmmaaazing! try them! theres salted not salted and other flavors…just dont get chocolatte covered..that will make you pack on pounds.

  11. Ted said:

    Try some boiled beets. I boil a couple and then eat them like apples in the movie theatre, it’s really good!

  12. Lina said:

    fruits like sliced apples, grapes, sliced banana
    wheat thins (not too healthy, but better than chips!)
    snack bars
    a few almonds
    veggies like carrots, snap peas, stuff like that

    you could also make light microwave popcorn, it’s 100x healthier than movie theater popcorn and it tastes basically the same, except not as greasy!

  13. Shannon said:

    trail mix and granola with dry fruit are really good

  14. Gaby said:

    I’d take some sliced fruit in a bag.


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