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What quick hot healthy foods can i take to work?

sandwich dosent do it for me, i like hot foods usually rolls and bacon etc, but eating healthy from tomorrow, what can i take?

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3 Responses to “What quick hot healthy foods can i take to work?”

  1. dubie said :

    Can you heat it up at work? Otherwise it won’t be hot will it?

    The best healthy and quick food you can make to have a hot meal at work is pasta.

    You can make pasta with any kind of sauce, tomato, pesto, creamy cheese, mushroom and put any kinds of vegetables with it like aubergines, spinach, mushrooms, peppers and onions etc.

    Pasta is also good cold if you can’t heat it up at work.

    This will give you slow release carbs which will give you good energy levels for the afternoon.

    A goat’s cheese and roast pepper warm salad may be good to have or a rice dish with vegetables.

  2. ageingcynic said :

    If you can’t heat it up at work the best thing to do is to take soup in a flask. You can take a bit of granary bread to eat with it.

    Or if you work in a city centre you should be able to find somewhere to get a takeaway baked potato.

  3. S L said :

    try a wrap instead of a sandwich. or use a thermos to take a stew, or a portion of a casserole made ahead of time. rice is great with anything like a grilled chicken breast or slices or beef or a salmon fillet. lunch jars sold on amazon keep lunches warm for hours.


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