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What are some really good but healthy afternoon snacks?

Im 13. I eat when I get bored even though I am not hungry. I eat junk when im bored because i really do not know what to eat. I want to eat something healthy. Are there any healthy snacks to make?

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3 Responses to “What are some really good but healthy afternoon snacks?”

  1. Ian K said :

    Try fruit.

  2. EmmieG said :

    bannanaaas XD i lurrrve bannanas =)
    Anyways ….
    I don’t know what sorta food you like, but cereal can be good ((as long as it’s a low fat one)) as it’s sustainable and nutritional and such =) Nuts and seeds are full of protein and iron toooo – BUT they are carbonhydrates and may be slightly high in calories. Any kind of fruit, blueberry, pomegranate, kiwi, try to be exotic about it … and try to get a different coloured fruit every time you snack or whatever, to make it less boring for you to eat =) xx

  3. Bl♥ndy: Dark Ash Recipe said :

    Snacking is actually good for your metabolism, as long as it is healthy. Try:

    – fruits
    – veggies
    – handful of almonds
    – natural yogurt
    – some whole grain, low-sodium and low-fat crackers with hummus


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