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What is the Best Way To Lose Weight VERY FAST? *URGENT*?

Hi. I just graduated 8th grade and am going to highschool in about two months. Since 6th grade i was the fat kid. I cant take my shirt off in the pool with out getting made fun of. I really need help to loose weight fast. I am trying to eat right and excersise and i will be more strict on that soon. If you have any tips how to lose weight safely and fastly without any pills or anything like that please HELP ME! I dont expect to be this and musular by highschool just thin enough to not get made fun of and harrassied. Thanks for all your time and help.

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13 Responses to “What is the Best Way To Lose Weight VERY FAST? *URGENT*?”

  1. BabeHeart said :

    Fast just means it will come back…eat right and exercise, let the pounds come off slowly, and it’s more likely to stay off and you not harm your health in the process.

    Good luck!

  2. Danielle said :

    Eat less and go for a 30 minute run everyday.. get involved in sports in high school.. go swimming a lot..

  3. Mr. Me said :

    If you want to lose some fat and get in better shape, here’s what you do. Limit your calorie intake to no more than 1300 calories a day. Eat one small meal for every 3 hours you’re awake. These meals should be about the size of your fist. Make good low-fat low-carb meal choices, like fish, lean meats like turkey, chicken or ham, salads (low-fat or no dressing). DRINK 1-2 QUARTS OF WATER A DAY(VERY IMPORTANT). Excercise daily (at least 30 mins of cardio…running, swimming, tennis, soccer, etc.). And try and build some muscle because you will burn fat faster with more muscle.
    Go to for nutrition facts on everything.
    Good Luck

  4. thefemalealphawolf said :

    lipo no it is not healthy to lose weight fast find a diet that works 4 u and stick to . it i eat fruit and veggies and exercise on a reg basis drink lots of water like all day and maybe have 2 sodas a day this has worked 4 me but everyone is diff rent go to Ur doc and see what he/ she thinks

  5. scotsman said :

    I agree with mr me.

  6. sam d said :

    try heavy lifting =0 it is great to turn fat into muscle and forget life out of the gym …..get a workout plan do your body parts that your workout plan tells you then run for 30 minutes and the pace of able to run but not able to talk at the same time you should be sweating then do your abdominal workout for 20 minutes try to hit your abs in different angles which means different types of workouts then go to the cardio room again for another 30 minutes…. it has been proven that you lose more weight having 2 different sessions of power running them a whole 60 minute session of any type of running

    Oh yeah seriously you should be spending around 2-4 hours per day in the gym and swim if you can like sprints not long distance. you will have no life just think about working your butt off. and plz eat healthy no fast food only greenies and fishies and chicken breats something with high protien with no fat. if that dont work steriods i know that will work ! lol bye bye

  7. Ashley M said :

    Well, I know its hard but you shouldn’t let other ppl talk to you like that but ill help ntl. Okay, yea like run around the block every morning…try not to eat seconds but I can understand if you are hungry. Do NOT, i repeat do NOT starve yourself. Exercise is good and maybe practice basketball to become more thin. As for eating, do you re parents know about your weight problem? They could get you some stuff from the store…my mom has packets that helps her get thinner. In books or something, it says to eat Grapefruit but you should NOT do that. It has a bitter taste and unless you like it, dint eat it. Well, that’s all I have but good luck! P.S…if it doesn’t work, ignore the other kids, they are just jerks, they don’t know what their talking about…personal experience, if you just ignore them, they will find another kid to pick on.

  8. ::Dancer:: said :

    I feel ya.. i want to lose weight to…b4 school starts
    well you need to workout 30/45 min. a day every week if your that committed w/ some cardio and weight training

    So you can do running, dancing, swimming(which is excellent for the body) tae bo, etc. for the cardio

    Then lift weights, squats, and lunges every other day to build muscle. Muscle is great b/c it burns fat even when your just laying around and it makes you stronger

    Drink lots of water; eat veggies, fruit, lean meats (chicken) and whole grain. Stay away from sugar/fatty foods.

    Hope this helps! Good Luck! =]

  9. bayoubelle24 said :

    Drink lots of water and no sodas. Not even diet.

    Do not eat anything after 7:30 pm. Only water after 7:30 pm.

    Exercise including weights. The weights will increse your muscle and make you burn more calories.

    Choose an active hobby to do over the summer. Soccer, volleyball, baseball, raquetball, tennis etc. You will have fun doing this and shed lots of pounds as well.

    Take a summer job push mowing lawns and make a little extra money on the side.

    All these things are thing you can do over the summer and enjoy it at the same time. Hey, you can come weed my flowerbed anytime!

  10. Christian C said :

    well i’m like u & when i read this story & it reminded u to me i’m going to 8th & i’ve always been chubby i don’t need to lose like 40 or 50 lbs but i have been teased it doesn’t phase me though lately i’ve been running 21 miles a week(monday-friday)doing crunches & pushups to get the weight off another thing u might want to try since a lot of people who want to lose weight can’t do those rigurous workouts so before u go to bed everynight i would do 30 crunches & 10 pushups now i know that’s not a lot at all but in bout a month or so u will see improvements in your chest, stomach, & arms don’t over do it eat right & reasonable & it will all fall into place if all that doesn’t work get ll cool j’s platinum workout book

  11. critterstation said :

    swimming is very good for your over all health!
    It is also is a great cardio exercise and it will help you loose weight.
    well the best way to loose is not fast ,it is the gradually process and cutting back on your portions and what you eat!

    beware of all these so Called fad or rapid lost weight program ! might look good at first but you are harming your body in the long run!

    take one a time and one day at a time!

    I know since you are moving on up as a high school student that you want to look smaller however ,you don’t want to do something that will jeopardize your life!

    Hope you have a great time in your high school yrs! try to concentrate on the good yrs with your friends and less on your diet change…
    you’ll do it!
    God bless!

  12. Ms. X said :

    My master’s thesis in nutrition was about weight loss, and I’ve also counselled people in weight loss from the 5th grade up thru adulthood. I’m glad you’re concerned about losing weight safely. That shows a lot of insight for any age. Unfortunately safe weight loss is not fast. For adults it’s recommended people lose approximately 1 to 2 pounds a week. For pre-adolescent kids (depending on the situation), it’s often recommended they maintain current weight while they grow taller.

    I understand your concerns about kids making fun of you. But I invite you to sit take a deep breath, and not have such a deadline urgency about this. Work on developing healthy eating and exercise habits today, tomorrow, the next day and every day thereafter. If your family circumstances allow for it, you might want to work with a nutritionist and/or personal trainer to help develop the knowledge, support, and routine of those healthy habits.

    Now about the kids in school who may be making fun of you: Kids are cruel and are often making fun of someone for something. If it’s not your weight, it’s your hair or your nose, etc. I suggest not letting them intimidate you, and working with your parents on finding a strategy for dealing with them. Depending on your situation, your time table for being thin enough not to get made fun of and harrassed, might be slower than the first day of school. But in the LONG RUN, you’ll be looking and feeling terrific. Keep sight of the LONG RUN, and don’t let the bullies get in your way.

    P.S. One great way for dealing with bullies might be to learn a martial art. Great exercise, and kids may become afraid to mess with you.

  13. sarah d said :

    The summer i started 9th garde i begin to realize i was pretty heavy. I stoped eating fast food completely and still havent touched it since and now im 18 yrs old. i stopped drinking soda i used to drink 4-6 cans a day seriously once u stop drinking soda your weight comes off. but then you have to continue with it and eat healthy. no junk food. switch to pretzels instead of chips thats what i did. i begin to eat fresh fruits i never realized how good they were . i chose fruits over cupcakes and candy. i used to eat full fat ice cream and cupcakes all the time. i switched to non fat frozen yogurt and never ate a cupcake since. Chose lean meats like skinless chicken and sliced turkey lunch meat on whole grain breads. walk around outside for at least 30min. clean your room. clean the house. do the dishes. move around more. you will really notice a difference and you will feel better. trust me i was the heavier kid at one point to and couldnt wear a bathing suit to water parks because i was embarassed. I lost about 30 pounds and kept it off. i feel so much better.


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