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What is the best medicine to take for allergies?

I get allergies this time of the year and one nostril of my nose is clogged and I get this annoying tingling feeling in my nose. This usually makes me miss two weeks of school also. What is the best medicine for those types of allergies? Also I have no idea what causes them.

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3 Responses to “What is the best medicine to take for allergies?”

  1. Paramedic Girl said :

    Likely pollen is the culprit, though you should see your doctor to have you sent to an Allergist for testing.

    Benadryl is a good one for allergies. But do see your doctor.

  2. apollinedumidi23 said :

    You could try some homeopathic medication: it’s effective (acts like a vaccine) and it’s safe. My daughter takes (successfully) the brand Bio-Allers, for animal hair and dander allergies, and I’m sure that there’s something for every kind of allergy (seasonal etc).
    However you should see a doctor first to get to know exactly what triggers your own allergies.
    Besides that and in-between, I think that Benadryl or Zyrtec are the best (but homeopathy is safer on the long term). Good luck!

  3. g-a-b said :

    The best medicine for your problem is change on your diet, Stop eating junk food which is the first cause of allergies on the respiratory system, take antioxidants supplements to protect your lungs, keep away from cigarretts and somkers, no alcohol, no beers, no coffee and lastly no Milk, Milk cause moucus on the stomach and respiratory system, remember our mother nature made milk for baby cows NOT for humans, Have you see a baby cow drinking human milk, NO
    Use the logic in your life, use compassion for your body and you will be healthy and happy.
    More information at


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