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what over the counter medicine can i take to lose weight or stop feeling hunger?

can i buy hoodia or something similar over the counter, something to stop the feelings of hunger and help me lose weight? or is there some kind of medicine or drug i can buy from the supermarket that will help me lose weight?

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8 Responses to “what over the counter medicine can i take to lose weight or stop feeling hunger?”

  1. PETER R said:

    Fruit and veg!

  2. meeno said:

    enquire at your local health shop, holland and barret are very helpful if you have one local.

  3. ard as nails said:

    Eat toilet paper
    Fills you up.

    If you start getting greedy with that too, just drink some toilet duck or Cif and you should vomit it back up.

  4. cesarsauce said:

    Trimspa baby! or hydroxy cut, theres like, hundreds of these pills you can buy, not at a supermarket, mor llike a GNC

  5. Jacquimc said:

    I think thequito…. should be a little nicer.

  6. malfox65 said:

    isagenix cleanse

  7. VAL N said:

    adios good lots of water better

  8. dan_the_man said:

    ‘Healthy’ weight loss in a pill does not exist. You are being daft, why is it so hard for some people to just take a small amount of exercise each day instead of being so lazy and relying on chemicals which will in time cause considerable harm to your body.

    I have seen people using hydroxycut for various lengths of time and I can assure you that the results were far from healthy. Some people are willing to take all these pills without even realising what they are doing to you.


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