what medicine is best to stop running nose?

I take lem sip but still nose is running.Please help.

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4 Responses to “what medicine is best to stop running nose?”

  1. SaintStephen said:

    This might sound weird but the best thing in the world is to use warm water and add salt pour it into your nostril till it comes out the other side. if it goes down your throat your doing it wrong.
    Do both side it does work. 1 cup 1table spoon of salt.

  2. Father Jake said:

    We get a runny noses because the tissue inside the nostril and surrounding sinuses gets inflamed. In most cases it is associated with the common cold. Many so called ‘cures’ talk about drying up these excretions, but in reality… keeping warm, drinking plenty of fluids and resting are the only known cure.

    Incidentally… if your nose didn’t run, you would become even more ill! Infections and other unwelcome visitors to you body would prefer nice dry tissue to occupy.

  3. Jonny J said:

    Vitamin D and B Propolis

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