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Which is the best medicine for a dry, tickly cough?

I have a nagging dry, tickly cough which I just can’t seem to shift, I wondered if people could give me their opinion as to which is the best medicine available over the counter in the UK. Thanks

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23 Responses to “Which is the best medicine for a dry, tickly cough?”

  1. flymetothemoon279 said :


  2. Zee99 said :


  3. ~Pirate whore~ said :

    well i dont know what you have in the uk but for me teraflu works the best you just mix it up with hot water and for me it brings my throat back to life. no more coughs!

  4. presidentofallantarctica said :

    Whiskey and hot honey. Works like a charm.

  5. ––––•(-• G µ ® M € € † •-)•–––– said :

    The best medicine is CONTROL.
    -Avoid OILy food.
    -Gargle with Saline water
    -Medication: Benacof/Benadrill
    -Please consult your Physician

  6. tony.harwood said :

    Fisherman’s Friends.
    Very strong flavour which you’ll either love or hate, but they do the trick.

  7. SHOLA F said :

    Fresh lemon, honey, and a shot of rum!!! Always works for me

  8. angel louie said :

    Cough mixture!

  9. Vivreici said :

    I don’t think cough syrup is worth the money. Try a cup of hot tea with honey.

  10. Brian R said :

    10 wet pints of beer.

  11. medicgvd said :

    There is little evidence for or against the effectiveness of over-the-counter cough medicines. Personally, I don’t believe they work at all, you’re better off with a throat lozenge that contains Benzocaine, at least that will give you a bit of topical relief for a short period of time.

    Just my opinion.

  12. desert_deserter said :

    The pharmacist at the counter is obliged to tell you which is the best one for your cough, not to make money by selling you the most expensive one.

  13. lozzlaws said :

    just go to a pharmacy and get some pholcodine linctus. Only about £1 a bottle, but works well. Also honey and lemon is good.

    Try sucking boiled sweets, the saliva helps the tickle abit.

  14. helpaneed said :

    “Honitus” – Honey based herbal syrup, no side effects.

    An excellent product of Dabur India Limited.

  15. gin said :

    a spoonful of honey in a cup of wam water, not the nicest taste in the world but believe me i use it all the time for the kids and myself and nothing works better

  16. Ollie said :

    Try sipping honey diluted in hot water

  17. poppins_renu said :

    try this home remedy.extract 1tsp juice from a ginger piece and add equal amount of honey to this.take this twice or thrice a can feel tha relaxation by the end of the day.this is best medicine free of cost.

  18. hayleyxxx said :

    cough medicines dont cure your cough all they do is soothe your throat!

  19. CAROL DOMINO said :


  20. ledanson said :

    Dextromethorphan. suppress coughing. get from docs

  21. badgerwithagun said :

    You can buy a cough mixture in Boots called pholcodene (?sp) – or just ask at the pharmacy counter for a cough mixture which contains codeine. This suppresses the cough reflex. Any other cough mixtures are entirely useless and full of sugar so the only thing they’ll actually do is rot your teeth.

  22. sarah a said :

    ‘potters’ cough medicine if you can find it … [in chemists and/or healthshops] potters are good remedies.. or try cold pressed honey with a little lemon juice.

  23. mike-wsm said :

    Horrible cough – best remedy is one part dark rum to four parts cola. Sip gently all day long. If desperate make it four parts rum to one part cola. This is a cure that makes the illness really enjoyable.


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