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What is the best form of exercise to get generally fit?

I like walking and do about 6-7 miles a day, is this enough? Thanks in advance for your answers!

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26 Responses to “What is the best form of exercise to get generally fit?”

  1. Voda said :

    Swimming or rowing

  2. Wht_Knght said :


  3. Dieseltofo said :


  4. bertram baines said :

    jogging (if your joints are ok)
    swimming is a good low impact from of exercise.
    Sex (probably the most enjoyable)

  5. ? said :

    i personally think swimming or kayaking would do the trick

  6. ~jღⁿєllє~ said :

    swimming and jogging 🙂

  7. XLove-youX said :

    Cardiovascular exercise is the best way to get fit, so yeah brisk walking, running and are good ways to get fit, and swimming is also good as well. It sounds like you are walking, but if you’re not already doing so make it into brisk walking, or maybe try jogging (if u do jogging then you wont have to do 6-7 miles)

  8. Lisa said :

    Walking and swimming.

  9. Ricky said :

    rowing – you can lose loads of calories too

  10. Girl said :

    I would say swimming or running.

    However i would just do a form of exercise you enjoy.

    Hope this helped 🙂

  11. Scooby Doo 3 Team Rachel said :


  12. SunshineSmile said :

    Walking is great!! A fantastic all-rounder! Anything which gets you moving is good – walking/swimming/dancing – even cleaning the house – the more you move the more exercise you are getting!

  13. sean p said :

    running it burns fat and makes abs visible =)

  14. Nicki C said :

    Swimming and kick- boxing you lose around 1800 Kcals an hours

  15. Chocoholic!!! said :

    it mostly depends on your diet as well. If you are eating more than you burn, then you won’t get fit. Try doing like crunches, pull ups, swimming.
    answer mine please;_ylt=Aq6iT4iwPOXOYZOeXjoSiArAFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080819224523AA1k9qm

  16. Jo said :

    If you like walking why don’t you jog instead?

  17. FiveO4Grown said :

    depends on what your trying to enhance.. i think walking basically does the of the best forms of exercise you can do. especially if you’re walking 6-7 miles a day! thats awesome! But i think a few pushups for your tummy area would seal the deal!

  18. Lisa said :

    As long as you are doing at least 30 minutes of exercise a day then it’s fine. It is best done split into 10 minute sections. As long as you think that type of exercise is good for you and working then stick with what works best.

  19. Luli said :

    Swimming is the best all over workout – then i’d say running.

    Walking lots is good and will help you to be able to walk as you get older, but two people who are the same age,size and weight but different fitness level should be able to walk the same distance.

    You won’t be any fitter than the next guy unless you are challenging your body.

  20. Michael H said :

    loads of people get mixed up believing that exercise only counts if it’s an hour workout at the gym a few times a week – not true. if you honestly do that much walking every single day then that is perhaps just as good as, or even more so, a workout at the gym a few times a week. and you probably do that amount of walking out of necessity (if your job or overall lifestyle requires you to walk a long distance throughout the day) or enjoyment, in which case, stick to walking if it is already a part of your life and you enjoy it. you might take a couple of days a week just to do a quick burst of cardio to get your heart pumping (could be a short ten minute run or ten minutes dancing to a few of your favourite tracks). a cardio doesn’t need to be an hour long to be beneficial, in fact, it is more beneficial if cardio is done in small bursts – it’s only to get your heart working a little fast than it is used to in order to “clear it out” and get it working (stops heart attacks, etc, for when your heart gets lazy). other than that, sounds like you are perfectly fit already – many people probably could only do a day or two of that sort of distance before complaining of aches and pains, etc. well done you!

  21. wadeypops said :

    Swimming is good all round exercise, for toning up muscles, heart and lungs.
    Aqua aerobics is good as the buoyancy of the water takes the strain, so muscles aren’t as painfull as after ordinary aerobics

  22. **tomtom said :

    riding a bike

  23. Zing said :

    walking is a good start, but you should also try swimming. having a good diet won’t hurt either

  24. zack_ortus said :

    Situps, pushups and the plank are good for light muscle building and general fitness

  25. megan babes xxx said :

    running 🙂 x

  26. Sassanak said :

    This is more than most people walk. If you want to gauge how much you actually walk a step meter is good, particularly one that has the option to switch between actual steps and distance.

    As others have said swimming is probably the best overall exercise but only if you vary the type of stokes – this allows you to increase and maintain suppleness as well.


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