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What is noise anxiety ?

Noise anxiety is a rare condition wherein people suffer from extreme sensitivity to any kind of noise. A patient with noise anxiety usually has several types of anxiety- and stress-related conditions, which causes the anxiety. Majority of noise anxiety patients are exposed to different kinds of noises, causing various emotions to a mere uneasiness to severe aggression.

Some people are more at risk of developing noise anxiety than others are; introverts, women and people suffering from anxiety or depression are more prone to this condition. However, most people with noise anxiety develop this condition due to an increased level of stress. This condition causes severe uneasiness, increased stress and more depression and anxiety, which often leads to a distressed mental state.

Noise anxiety, which can affect anyone from all ages, can disrupt the lives of the patient and can be difficult to treat. A highly skilled therapist is needed to undergo changes and eventually recover from this type of anxiety.

Various noises can contribute to developing noise anxiety and these factors are usually unique to an individual. However, all types of noises that produce this anxiety attack are amplified, chronic and repetitive, often making the person feel he or she has no control over the noise. Common sources of noise include voices, engines, picking of fingernails, chewing, appliances (radios and TVs) and animal sounds (pet grooming), among others. Most patients believe that the sounds they hear are deliberately made just to irritate them.

Noise anxiety is not curable by any kind of medications. However, wearing headphones or earplugs that could cancel noise out could help prevent noise anxiety attacks. Experts recommend listening to calming sounds. Regardless of severity, patients with noise anxiety should get help from a therapist to help overcome the problem. Although most patients do not recover even with therapy, they learn to reduce the effects by coping with the problem, thus preventing depression, anxiety and possible mental-related problems that may occur.

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