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What is brain fog ?

Brain fog is a very common condition characterized by confusion and ambiguity, affecting men, women and children. It causes people to become abnormally detached and forgetful, which often lead to depression. Studies have shown that brain fog occurs in many people without them knowing they have such a condition. Signs such as low self-esteem and problems in school or work are common. These signs usually lead to kids becoming delinquent and adults having relationship problems.

Although brain frog occurs in many people, it is not recognized within the psychology and medical community. According to experts, this condition is not a real disease and such diagnoses are false. However, many people still believe they suffer from ‘brain fog’ throughout their entire lives.

The cause of brain fog remains unclear, but emotional, biochemical, spiritual and physical factors may play a role in the condition. However, the most recognized cause off brain fog is fatigue, since the brain needs ample amounts of energy to function normally and being unable to sleep can make the brain suffer from the characteristics of brain fog.

Some experts suggest that brain fog is caused by other physical problems like adrenal exhaustion, poor diet, nutritional deficiencies and chemical reactions. Some believe that this condition is caused by denial, stress and depression, which causes people to escape stressful, sad or frustrating occasions.

While some people with brain fog believe they are stupid due to being unable to think properly, others argue that the condition is not related to a person’s intelligence, rather than a real health disorder with symptoms, causes and respective treatments. Curing brain fog may require medications, counseling, meditation, relaxation, proper diet and regular exercise.

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