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How to lose weight when I have agoraphobia and anxiety?

Hi. I am 16, 6ft, and weight about 235 pounds. I am very fat, and I am desperate to lose weight, to build confidence.

I have agoraphobia and anxiety, and it is very hard for me to go out and exercise or join the gym. Is there anyway that I can lose weight then in the house. All I have are light weights. So, is there anyway to lose weight. Or could I lose weight walking around my park for an hour four times a week?


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2 Responses to “How to lose weight when I have agoraphobia and anxiety?”

  1. newbirth35 said :

    Weight loss is primarily what you eat. Eat a clean, low-calorie diet with plenty of protein and you should be fine. Any exercise you can do indoors or outdoors will help, but the kitchen is where the weight loss really is.

  2. Haley J said :

    you can lose weight by just walking my sister did and she just watch her parsons of food she was eating. she didn’t really go on a diet or anything and she lost a lot of weight.


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