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What is alzheimers disease ?

Alzheimer’s disease is a common neurodegenerative disease, usually affecting older people. This condition usually develops slowly, about seven or more years, wherein the patient becomes unable to remember memories, recognize their family and friends, perform simple tasks like speaking properly or dressing up on their own. Although this condition is not fatal, Alzheimer’s disease can ruin a person’s ability to live a normal life on his or her own.

Alzheimer’s disease starts by occasional forgetfulness, which turns into continuous memory loss, destroying a person’s intelligence and personality. It is common in people aged between 60 and 90, affecting ¾ of this age range.

Before Alzheimer’s disease was identified as a serious condition with its own pathology in 1906, people who experienced symptoms of this disease were considered suffering from different types of senility. Alzheimer’s is not transmittable. Sedimentary lifestyles, smoking and genetics may contribute to the occurrence of this condition. Originally, the disease was believed to be caused by a failure in the production of the neurotransmitter, “acetylcholine”. However, recent studies have shown that the buildup of the ‘beta amyloid’ extracellular plaque may cause Alzheimer’s.

Once a patient is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or symptoms of this disease start to show up, it becomes incurable. Since thousands of people suffer from this condition, billions of dollars are being spent worldwide to find a cure, but remain unsuccessful.

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