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What is a yo-yo diet ?

What with the increasing awareness of the weight-related illnesses nowadays, many people are trying out diets that happen to be the most popular at the moment. Many try it on long enough to lose a few pounds, then lapses back into their usual eating habits; thus, the weight they lost returns, and in many cases, they end up heavier than they were before starting the diet.

While experts say, time and again, that the only way to sustainable weight loss is proper diet and exercise, plus breaking bad eating habits, many are still convinced that they can find a miracle cure to solve their weight problems. These miracle solutions promise that you can lose a significant amount of weight in just two weeks. The pills or diets work at first, then the individual reaches a plateau, and all goes downhill from there.

Diets or pills that induce the constant shifting from being overweight to losing weight have been given a term: Yo-yo diets. These are taken by people who want a quick fix to their weight problems, unaware that to truly achieve one’s ideal weight and maintain it, a long time of hard work is needed. Weight loss cannot be solved in just three days – diets or pills may lead you to think that you are finally on your way to your ideal weight, but later on you realize that you are steadily gaining the weight back and you end up farther from your goal than ever.

Not only are yo-yo diets frustrating, they are also bad for the body. Crash diets and appetite suppressants deprive you of the necessary nutrients that your body needs to function. Without it, your internal organs will fail. While many shun the advice of dietitians and physicians, what they say is true: no magic solution for weight loss exists, and the only way you can achieve your goal is through exercise and changing your eating habits.

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