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What Foods Do I Avoid When I am Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a time when numerous changes take place in the mother’s body. This entails a change in eating habits as well, as some foods that you may have enjoyed before might not be right for your baby. The food that you consume will not only provide your baby the necessary nutrients in order to be healthy, it also helps you cope with the various changes that your body is experiencing.

Certain foods should be avoided so as not to put yourself and your baby at risk for food poisoning. Although extremely rare, listeriosis still occurs in some pregnant women. Initial symptoms are similar to flu, but it is actually the effect of the listeria germ spreading across your body. Listeriosis has been proven to cause miscarriage or stillbirth. It can also cause several severe conditions in newborn infants.

Soft and blue-veined cheese such as Brie, Camembert, and Stilton should likewise be avoided. These varieties of cheese are at an increased risk of being a breeding ground for Listeria. Hard cheeses, cottage cheese, or processed cheese are safe. Foods that have to be heated via microwave should also be avoided by pregnant women, as well as coleslaw and potato salad.

Food poisoning may also be caused by salmonella found in unpasteurized milk or foods containing raw eggs. Salmonella can also be found in raw poultry and raw meat. While it is not might not be likely for salmonella to harm the unborn child, it can still cause considerable discomfort to the mother. In picnics, barbecues, or social events, avoid eating meat so that you won’t accidentally consume foods with salmonella. Foods that have been made with unpasteurized milk, such as some Parmesan cheeses, should also be avoided.

An infection called toxoplasmosis poses similar risks. This infection can be caused by improper handling of cat feces or through consumption of meat that has not been thoroughly cooked, as well as unwashed vegetables and fruits. Some fish products may also have large amounts of mercury which may be harmful to the baby’s body. Lastly, alcohol and coffee should not be consumed during pregnancy.

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