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How to healthily gain weight without gaining more face fat?

I want to gain weight, but my face is already big/fat. My body is thin, except for my face. I want to be more curvy, but lose weight in the face or at least not gain more weight in my face.

I am vegan, so I don’t eat meat, milk or eggs, but I eat fish. I drink a lot of water and eat vegetables and fruits. What else can I do?
to the person who made the fish comment: it’s called pesca-veganism. Fish don’t hurt or feel, and are healthy for you. Milk requires the cow to be pregnant, so they force semen into the cow before it’s mature/ready, inject hormones and abuse it. Once it gives birth, it’s too weak to stand anymore (because it wasn’t ready to be pregnant), so they slaughter them. I’ve done my research, I know what I’m talking about. Type in “Meet your meat” in youtube and you’ll learn. Plus, the human body is not designed to consume dairy, our digestive systems are just not designed for it. They adapt obviously, but it isn’t natural. We’re not meant to eat meat either. We are designed to eat plants.

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3 Responses to “How to healthily gain weight without gaining more face fat?”

  1. Brittany said :

    How old are you? You can’t really do much about a chubby face, but if you’re young then it will thin out as you get older. Then again some people have a chubby face and are very thin naturally. You just have to accept yourself for how you look now before you’ll be happy with your body.

  2. CataclYsm said :

    my face is the same way and it sucks. but anyway why will you eat fish but but not milk?? the cow needs to be milked otherwise it can acctualy get cancer and other nasty things. but your not a vegan if you eat fish you are a vegatarian.

  3. Sugar3 said :

    face fat is often from water retention so drink lots more water, eat less carbohydrates at night time and substitute with high calorie fatty food, but good fats not bad fats i.e nuts, particularly macadamia nuts and brazil nuts, also less salt, add olive oil to all of your foods it is sooo good for you and will add calories.

    good luck 🙂 I helped my mum gain weight. I remember when I needed to gain weight it was soo fun lol


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