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How Can I Lose Weight Through Calorie Restriction?

Diets that promise a drastic reduction in weight often relies on reducing the amount of calories consumed. In a Calorie Restriction Diet, weight loss is treated as a side effect, with the bigger and better benefit of having a longer and healthier life. In the Calorie Restriction Diet, you are required to reduce your calorie intake for 30-40% of your usual amount, but it often relies on nutritional supplements so as to get all the necessary nutrients.

This diet has been around since the 1930s, when research into the benefits of this type of diet was commenced. More modern research had shown that a diet that adequately meets the body’s nutritional requirements without having to descend to starvation level enables a person to live longer. The diet revolves around the belief that too much calorie consumption will overwork the body, thus causing inefficiency in all the organ systems. Besides that, there is the more obvious effect of weight gain.

As with all diets, the calorie restriction diet has its emphasis on eating natural foods that are rich in nutrients, rather than sugar-rich or highly-refined snacks. The body is forced into near-starvation, akin to the body form and chemistry of our earliest ancestors, without having to sacrifice the necessary amount of nutrients of our bodies, thus the need for nutritional supplements. Some attest to the effectiveness of this diet by improving muscle tone and lessening stored fat.

Advocates of the calorie restriction diet claim that there are fewer age-related illnesses in those who follow this diet, as compared to people who eat normal, or excessive, amounts of calorie-rich foods. The body appears younger both inside and out – there is less risk of hardening of the blood vessels, and the dieter’s appearance is more youthful.

Still, this diet is to be approached with caution. Before deciding to take this diet, consult your physician first. Beginners should also drink water so as to relieve hunger pangs.

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