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What can I have for a healthy breakfast?

I’m on a healthy eating plan (I refuse to call it a diet!) I’m ok with my evening meal but can anyone give me some ideas for breakfast and lunch? I want a breakfast that is obviously healthy and will fill me up. I’m bored of eating rice cakes for lunch. I’m willing to go shopping so all ideas welcome.

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18 Responses to “What can I have for a healthy breakfast?”

  1. daftoldwoman said :

    stick to porridge, fruit and nuts. packed with energy

  2. Libby said :

    Porridge with a sprinkling of brown sugar is excellent for breakfast- its very filling and you can always add a banana for added energy.

    You don’t need to eat rice cakes- try ryvita- they have lots of new ones with seseame and pumpkin seeds etc. Look in the supermarket and you will find lots of ideas with a bit of patience.

  3. devera b said :

    hello i would try having some special k it allways lasts me till middle of the day and maybe some fruit hope this helps

  4. elizzabeth l said :

    have some toast with olive oil instead of butter! add real ground cinnamon its healthy and only 17 calories a table spoon
    cereal with fiber works great too ,, even ricotta cheese and crackers is an option
    hey even try some butter free popcorn .. sometimes i have corn for breakfast apples, bananas are great too even spinach

  5. Carrot Cruncher said :

    Fresh fruit with plain greek yoghurt

  6. ffordcash said :


  7. Kirsty F said :

    Smoothies are a good breakfast! U can make them more filling by blending fruits like banana’s or by adding oats! Yummy and healthy!

    As for lunch – I am a fan of the pitta bread – U can fill them with anything u like (bulk up with salad) and they taste really good! Salad’s are also good but it depends how much time u have in the mornings!!!

    Also I once read that eating spicey foods curbs the desire to ‘pick’ – it kinda does work so add some kick to ur food too!!!

  8. PATRICK said :

    coffee & doughnuts

  9. proud walker said :

    Sliced mushrooms poached in water with a dash of lemon juice on wholemeal toast.

    Home made muesli softened with water or milk, topped with sliced fresh fruit and a dollop of yogurt.

    Omelet of 2 eggs plus a little grated cheese melted in

    poached kippers

  10. Tufty Porcupine said :

    Porridge is supposed to be ideal – slow release of energy throughout the day and fills you up. Try Oat-So-Simple – you can get different fruit flavours and you can make it in the microwave.
    Either that or a banana.

  11. laura j said :

    half whole wheat pita with a scrambled egg some cheese and salsa
    less than 5 min to make and you can take it with you out the door

  12. Benthebus said :

    How about a full English, Bacon done on a Health Grill, In the oven or grilled, Tomatoes and Mushrooms in the oven ( Mushrooms need a Little Fry Lite, Eggs poached and there we have a very reduced fat breakfast, Lunch can be a boxed salad or even a home made soup in which case the verities are endless

  13. PAUL F said :

    Go to work on an egg. Add a slice of toast and a cup of tea and you have a perfect balanced breakfast. Do not believe the politically correct brigade, eggs are good in any balanced diet.

  14. russell B said :

    Have cereal like weetabix with bananas or strawberries. Then you would be getting your whole grain wheat.You could also try grapefruit or pineapple. Or try an omelet, scrambled egg is another option.

  15. Jonathan V said :

    Large glass of red wine, bar of chocolate, watercress soup, two teaspoons of caviar (or a rollmop) on a Farley’s rusk, angels-on -horseback and a mixed fruit salad in yogurt.

  16. Mike T said :

    Porridge, cereal with yoghurt, scrambled eggs on toast, half a watermelon.

    Not all in one go, obviously!

  17. me said :

    Don’t worry about your weight.

    Everyone is fine the way they are

    But Shredded Wheat is quite nice

    It’s only got one ingrediant

    Whole grain wheat

    But you should only have what you like

    If you want to eat coco pops

    Go on!

    Be evil!

  18. Emilie L said :

    The following are all examples of a healthy breakfast:

    * Shredded Wheat
    * Weetabix / Oatibix
    * Bran Flakes
    * Muesli
    * Fruit salad & low-fat natural yoghurt
    * Porridge
    * Toast (honey, sugar-free jam or mashed banana) & fruit
    * Beans on toast
    * Eggs: boiled, poached or scrambled on toast
    * Fruit smoothie


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