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How can I fit the 3 hour diet plan into my life?

I go on the school bus at 8ish
First break is at 11
Lunch at 12.30
Get out of school and on the school bus at 3ish.
Go bed at ninish.

The 3 hour diet plan is basically eating every 3 hours.How can I fit it into my life?

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One Response to “How can I fit the 3 hour diet plan into my life?”

  1. mike h said :

    Just have a banana or a piece of fruit, or a healthy sandwich. easy.

    But I wouldn’t worry too much about specific hours to eat or fad diets.

    If you really want to lose weight and have a healthy body then you need to do two things. Just two things. They are called EATING HEALTHY AND EXCERCISE!!!!!!!

    First of all you have to eat a healthy diet. This doesn’t mean go on a crappy fad diet or starve yourself!!! It means that you make sure you eat 4 or even 5 small to medium meals a day. It doesn’t have to be specifically 3 hours apart as long as they are relatively regular. Each meal, apart from breakfast, (preferably fibre rich with fruit) should have a combination of protien (chicken/fish/soya etc), carbohydrates (pasta/rice/potatoes/etc), and vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (fresh fruit and veg). There are many easy ways to incorporate all these into every meal. This also doesn’t mean you can never have pizza/takeaway/chocolate/etc, just save them for the occassional treat.

    Secondly you need to EXCERCISE. Cardio excercise is anything that will get you out of breath, your heart rate pumping and you sweating (running, swimming, cycling, etc) and is necessary for burning calories, shedding body fat and improving your overall fitness levels. Strength training basicaly improves the muscles and tones your body, this comes from weight training, core training (sit ups/planks/etc), stretching (such as yoga) and dynamic training. This is necessary to keep your body strong and supple and will also help you lose weight and tone up.

    This is only an extremely brief overview, but both of these are necessary to lose weight healthily, keep it off, and have a strong healthy body.


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