What are the best foods for beating cellulite and belly fat?

I don’t think that my body is bad at all. I need to loose some belly fat (because I have a short abdomen), and fat on my thighs… Does anyone have any suggestions to cut hunger? so i can loose some weight!

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6 Responses to “What are the best foods for beating cellulite and belly fat?”

  1. Bridge :)) said:

    vegetables and fruit
    say no to the cake chunky

  2. Taylor<3 said:

    eat healthy and do some sit ups

  3. rman45 said:

    how about some delicious strawberry or blueberry yogurt. Also, try out some whole grains found in brown rice and some cereals. Also oatmeal is good. I would definitely go with vegetables.
    One thing that helps me eat my veggies is to make curries with them. You kinda find a plethora of recipes online about how to make curries out of leafy green vegetables like spinach or any other green. Trust me, these curries in combo with some brown rice are great and healthy if you make them with olive oil.

  4. Rose said:

    Believe it or not you don’t have to cut hunger, you can take some nutritional supplements that help curb hunger and speed up your metabolism. You can also walk faster, do some crunches during commercials and do lunges while texting. It does work.

    noordinaryrose.com has some organic supplements that can help.

  5. Lance said:

    As mentioned, anything “green”. Forget about trying to diet, the first three letters should be a clue that it probably will not work. The best way I have heard it described comes from a U2 song, “be a winner, eat to get slimmer”.

    Most importantly is to exercise. Perhaps call is something else, that word seems to mean pain for most people. Start off slow, don’t burn yourself out, but do it everyday, preferably first thing in the morning.

  6. FrogFighter said:

    Make small changes whenever possible! like add an extra veggie to your dinner and eat that First.
    Try to cut down on starches or Dairy products.
    Dairy contains trans fats! Trans fats occur naturally in dairy products like butter cheese and even milk even when the label says 0 trans fats there still are trans fats in there!
    Try soy or rice milks instead they are healthier for you and come in different flavors like vanilla or chocolate!
    Try eating a few walnuts or cashews or almonds or whatever before meals, its a ‘good’ fat and helps you feel fuller faster
    and when ever you use oil use olive oil!


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