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What are the best foods to eat while trying to lose weight FAST?

I’m pretty slim already but I really need to lose a bit of weight in the next weeks or so.. I’m doing exercise already (200 situps a day, dancing) but what sort of food should I eat?

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16 Responses to “What are the best foods to eat while trying to lose weight FAST?”

  1. allison b said :

    subway…look at jared

  2. Boo Boo Head said :

    rabbit food….

  3. ♥Amanda♥ said :

    Vegetables, fruit and lean protein (lean chicken, etc.)

  4. D B said :

    as much fruit and veggies as you like and lean meat , chickn of fish . Nothing else for a week.

  5. Bobo said :

    veggies, fruits, hearty sandwiches, water, have fun with making “gross healthy stuff” taste good.

  6. Jamie Lee said :


    and this is for the first person who answered your question: it took him years to lose weight eating subways

  7. PATRICIA MS said :

    You can live on Slim-fast. Eat only veg. and fruits with it.

  8. pj said :

    Grape fruit juice after meal will down the calories.and eat alot of vegies,like carrots and celery

  9. LESLIE M said :

    the best way to loose weight is to “do more and eat less”

  10. ~ScrabbleGirl~ said :

    As far as snacks go …try celery….it actually has negative calories because of the work it takes to eat it! 🙂

    As far as food goes, try baked, skinless chicken, salads (don’t drown them in fattening dressing), and fruits. Eat veggies and also replace your drink of choice (soda, coffee, etc.) with water. Water is not only calorie free, but it helps to cleanse your system out.

    Stay away from alcoholic beverages.

    Be sure to exercise as well!

  11. Mike G said :

    Eat a lot of bread, mashed potatoes, pancakes, chips and dip, corn, chinese food, pasta, doughnuts, cake, tacos, and pork, trust me that should do it. Good Luck

  12. myway said :

    avoid any take away, eat little but frenquent. fruit salad, more fabre, more green, red and black.

  13. Ernie G said :

    Salads, salads, and more salads…put a can of tuna fish in the salad for flavor…..NO dressings except balsamic Vinegar
    That with exercise will bring your weight straight down…fast

  14. petermurrell said :

    Pretty slim already! But still need to loose weight? Why?

  15. jackie_jabar said :

    Lean meat, veggies, salads with low cal dressing, sugar free jello. Drink lots of water and increase the amount of time that you exercise daily.

  16. tiffany m said :

    Keep in mind doing exercise builds muscle which will in turn might cause you to gain weight. I would measure bust, mid, and hips to determine slimming not the scale.

    I would make sure you keep your calories at around 1200 a day, at least. I would stick with lean protein, chicken or fish. Eat a lot of vegetables (3 to 5) and fruits (2 to 4). If you eat carbs make sure they are good carbs, some people don’t realize you can get your daily does of carbohydrates from veges and fruits. I would stick with fresh foods straight from the produce section. Veges and fruits will normally stay good for about a week, so just buy enough for that particular week. Buying processed foods even if they are veges and fruits could subject you to hidden sugars that will only add unhealthy calories to your meal.

    Also, adding dairy has been linked to weight loss. Low-fat milk and low-fat yogurt. Also, low-fat yogurt has healthy bacteria to improve your overall health all together, so this one is a win-win.

    Eating spicy foods can also fill you up faster. Add crushed red pepper to your veges to give it that spicey taste.

    Good luck!


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