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This is my question: Why am I not fat?

I am a 23 year old female, 5′ 3.5″ and 127lbs. Actually my weight fluctuates between 125-131.

I am saying this because I look pretty thin, I am a size 2 or 4 and people always tell me I am little. But for some reason the numbers don’t add up. I really don’t look my weight. 127lbs for someone only 5’3″ seems like it would look bigger. And when I calculate my BMI I am like right in the middle or more towards the overweight side. I know this is kind of silly because I know I am not fat. But I do not understand how this could be. I have weighed myself and checked my height a billion times (at the doctor and at home) so i know the #s are correct. But i know my body and if I were to loose 5-8lbs I would look sickly and malnourished. But if I gained 5-8lbs i feel i still would look average weight and no where near fat, just “healthy” looking. Where is this extra weight coming from? Could it be muscles or my bones?

I don’t have a very large build, or a very small one, but somewhere in the middle. My body is pretty well proportioned. I don’t have very large breasts but sort of a big booty, but nowhere near Kim Kardashian. I guess if I could draw any type of comparison my body frame would resemble something like Mya, Alicia Keys (pre-pregnancy) or Christina Milian (pre-pregnancy). And I have pretty solid thighs, they are not fat but not super skinny like a white girl. Does ethnicity have anything to do with how a weight looks on a person? I am mixed.

Even though I weigh 127, I probably look more like 115-120. But I have gained and lost weight in the past so I know what it looks life. If i really were 115 it would be disgusting and too skinny. At my largest I was like 145 but I swear it only looked like 130-135 ish. I’m not really complaining, I know this is probably a good problem to have, just trying to figure it out because I am no scientist or doctor.

Also, is it normal to gain and loose weight very quickly? I tend to be able to loose weight extremely quickly, even when I am not trying to, and it usually stays off for a long time. I once lost 15lbs in like 2 months or less. My weight seems to fluctuate daily. One week I’ll be 125-126 and the next week I’ll be 128-131, why?

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2 Responses to “This is my question: Why am I not fat?”

  1. mo (cfc)~ said :

    lots of reasons.

    1) Muscle weighs more than fat but is also more compact. A guy who’s 250 pounds of muscle looks alot skinnier than a guy who’s 250 pounds of fat

    2) Weight fluctuates everyday based on lots of things. Like how much water is in your system, whether your bowels are empty, how much you ate that day, how much salt was in what you ate that day…..

    if your going to weigh yourself, dont eat anything when you wake up until you go to the bathroom, then weigh yourself after that. there’s no waste or food in your system making the scale read more than it should

  2. GKWn said :

    theres no resaon that 5’3″ and 127 would look big.

    different people have different builds, I’m a 6’2″ tall guy, and since I’ve stopped growing, I probably look like I weigh 50+lbs less than I do. because I am big and stocky, I can carry the weight well.

    for me, the difference between 270 and 295 would be very little in appearance. but I’m pretty stocky (I wear size 14 double-wide shoes, and my feet are proportional).

    basically with a moderate, curvy figure, you can carry that little bit “extra” without it being bad. thats a good thing!

    its just how you are. not a bad thing. just an “is”.

    its also very normal to fluctuate as much as five pounds between morning and evening of one day. so I am pretty sure the floating you are talking about is pretty normal.

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