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Running to lose weight – fast or slow speed?

My boyfriend is trying to lose a little weight by running, but he thinks he should run fast the whole time, which tires you out faster. I think he should run at a paced speed and every 5 or so minutes slow his speed down a little then go back up. He needs to pace himself so he can go longer but he thinks going all out is the best. What should he do?

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6 Responses to “Running to lose weight – fast or slow speed?”

  1. bl0ndesrock10 said :

    moderate speed. its not about pushing yourself to the limit. its about elevating your heart beat to your personal target heart rate, and keeping it steady.

    dont overdo it. youll tire out to quickly.

  2. knuewbran said :

    slow long jogging fast is cardio

  3. selidus said :

    build up an aerobic base first…long runs, that are still challenging, but at a pace you can maintain….then start interval runs, just as you mentioned…fast/slow…any running workouts that produce lactic acid, burn fat the most…high intensity…look at sprinters bodies…very low body fat.

  4. Sami V said :

    A bearable level!

  5. Logon17 said :

    He needs to actually mix them up for the best results. Running helps you lose weight, doesn’t matter if it is fast or slow. And fast running does not help you lose weight faster, because you tend to run less when running fast. What running fast all the time will do is to injure you eventually, then you cannot run at all. His pace depends on his fitness level now. Some long slow days are great for endurance, and some shorter, quicker days are great for speed. By mixing them up you actually challenge to body more and will see greater results. Balance is always the key to true success.

  6. livingstyle said :

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