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magnestic brake system on a treadmill?

I was wondering if anybody out there, as got a treadmill which is manual, with magnetic brake system
A friend at work want to find out more about this brake system and how it works?

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6 Responses to “magnestic brake system on a treadmill?”

  1. M R said :

    Cycling is for bicycling. It’d be best to ask about exercise equipment in exercise and fitness.

  2. MtBikr said :

    With out knowing what one you have, there are two types,
    and they both work the same as what can be found on bike mag. trainers.
    1) The simplest ones change the resistance by moving a fixed magnet to change the resistance.
    2) The high end video interactive trainers (and treadmills) change the magnetic field changing the resistance. (These have to be plugged into an outlet to work.)

  3. McG said :

    The magnet isn’t a brake per say. It is a resistance device. The closer the magnet to the flywheel magnets (usually 3 or 4) the stronger the magnetic attraction — thus resistance. The positionable magnet has several steps (again 3 or 4) that preset the variable distance to the flywheel magnets. They are strong “Rare Earth” magnets. Yes the same system used in Mag Trainers for bicycles.
    Side note — if you get too curious immediately after using your mag …. Passing 2 magnets through the magnetic field produces heat. If you use it vigorously — enough heat to possibly burn skin when touched.

    Edit: Please forgive me J.M., for I am human …. (sobbing)… I confess, I had a weak moment. … I accept my punishment of riding a wal-mart bike on my next century. Mia copa.

  4. J. M. said :

    Not a bicycle. Not asked in correct section. Shame on you who fuel incorrect section questions being asked here!

  5. Dorian Burd said :

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  6. Angelo Pulling said :

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