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What is the difference between an manual and motorised?
Can anybody recommend a budget one??

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4 Responses to “treadmill??”

  1. Velvet said :

    A motorised moves along by means of a motor, a manual one moves because you make it move.

    As for buyingone I would go for motorised, and buy the best you can afford. Perhaps second hand, the cheaper ones rattle and feel like they will fall apart!

  2. freakin said :

    Manual means it goes at the speed you run or walk,motorised has different settings.

  3. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    Motorised is where the belt along the bottom is moved by a motor, manual is moved by your feet. Motorised and you can run where as a manual one you have to hold onto the machine so you can force the belt to move

    Not sure of a budget one, and indeed what your budget is – best bet is to look around, you can check online for rough prices (around £300 sounds about right for one that will go OK)

  4. Ange said :

    I asked a question a while ago about this and was advised to get a cross trainer, I got a really good one (Carl Lewis 20) for £30 of ebay and its fabulous. Not what you asked I know but thought it may help.


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