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low carb…?

I just started this new diet with my mom. i hate health food.

if you know any good (low carb) recipes, please let me know.

no seafood please!

also im still in school and this diet says i should eat 5 small meals a day. so please also recomend snack foods.

each meal has to be at least 150 calories and under 25 carbs.



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3 Responses to “low carb…?”

  1. christnp said :

    String cheese is great to bring to school as a snack. Also those little Baby Bell cheeses wrapped in red wax. They come in a little net bag.

    Hard boiled eggs are also great snacks. Since you’re not doing a ultra-low carb you can throw in a few raw baby carrots too.

    Individual cottage cheese or low sugar yogurt (make sure it’s artificially sweetened, not just low fat).

    Also check out Balance brand bars. They are yummy, have limited carbs with high protein. Eat only half of one for a snack though.

  2. Jeffrey L said :

    low-sugar beef jerkey is about 80 calories so you need at least two servings if you use them as a complete meal

    celery sticks topped with peanut butter (these dull the hunger well)

    sugar-free jello (no real calories there tho)

    atkins morning-start breakfast bars

    chicken served on a bun of lettuce

    tossed salad

    cold meatballs

  3. rhys daly said :

    As far as snacks go – I believe nuts and seeds have low carbs.

    I often have an omelette in the evening – you can add a bit of cheese, use water instead of milk – you can make scrambled eggs like this too. For an omelette you can wrap it round a bit of cheese, houmous and avocado and it would still be really low carb – and tasty. I add mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach (frozen stuff from supermarket).

    You could have salad, (do you eat meat?) add olives for strong flavour, you can have cheese!, avoid carrots (I think), meat if you eat it is low in carbs, eggs are good in salads.

    You can actually have bacon and eggs! Believe it or not!


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