What are some quick and easy low carb foods?

I have decided to start a low carb diet, specifically, a cyclic ketogenic diet, but I am having some trouble finding convenient foods to eat. I hate to cook and I’m used to just grabbing small easy meals like cereal and sandwiches for the majority of my food. whenever I look up low carb foods, I find tons of recipes, all of which don’t help me since I am a terrible cook. Does anybody have any quick and easy meals that do not involve either carbs or an oven?

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2 Responses to “What are some quick and easy low carb foods?”

  1. Tracy said:

    Low carbs would mean stuff like not pasta, as in Strata.
    look it up!

  2. AlexBee said:

    You can grab one of those rotisserie chickens that is available at most markets now… and you can shred some cabbage to use as a salad… ranch and caesar salad dressings are low in carbs…


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