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Are there any low carb drinks at Starbucks?

I just started a low carb diet and I don’t want to screw it up. But I have a date with my friends on Sunday at Starbucks and I hate black coffee. Does anyone have any suggestions other than that or nothing?

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4 Responses to “Are there any low carb drinks at Starbucks?”

  1. gq said :


  2. Koda said :

    A tall caramel macchiato has only 180 calories, made with 2% milk, vanilla syrup and caramel on top.

    I get a tall skinny caramel macchiato, Its made with fat free milk and sugar free vanilla, the same caramel on top, they don’t make that sugar free. I don’t know what the calories is in it, but it has to be less than the original. Go to their website, they have a nutritional guide. I think the tall skinny vanilla latte has the least amount with only 90 calories.

  3. goldshire1 said :

    You don’t have a lot of options. You don’t need to drink black coffee. Coffee or tea (sweetened with sugar sub & maybe a little half&half) is your best low carb option. How low carb are you trying to go? A latte or cappuccino has about 10-15g of carbs (because of the milk).

    Starbucks has all their nutritional info online:

  4. JavaNut said :

    Actually, you have quite a few options. You can get a tall SF Breve (half and half rather than milk) Latte for about 10 grams of carbs. Or you can have it made with heavy whipping cream for about 7 grams of carbs. 8 ounces of milk has about 13 grams of carbs.

    You can also get a tall Frapuccino made with heavy cream and SF syrup for about 10 grams of carbs.

    Then there are the teas. A Passion Tea sweetened with Splenda or syrup (try the SF vanilla and SF cinnamon) will be almost carb free.

    Talk to the baristas there and see what they suggest but the above are all good options.


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