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is health insurance cheaper when travelling to europe than the us after a heart attack?

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5 Responses to “is health insurance cheaper when travelling to europe than the us after a heart attack?”

  1. heckenhocker said:

    If you a British citizen, working in UK (or eligible for NHS health care in some other way), then yes – Europe will be cheaper for you than US.

    You should get an EHIC (european health insurance card) by application on (this is a site provided by the NHS)

    The EHIC means you can get lower cost or free healthcare in other EU countries. And healthcare (even private care) is cheaper in Europe than in US. Because of these two things, the insurance cost will be lower for a trip to Europe than a trip to US.

    If you are having difficulty getting cover, then try
    I haven’t used these insurance companies myself yet (just getting quotes for our Xmas trip) – they were recommended by the cancer treatment centre near London treating my husband. They can assess and give a sensible level of cover for those with medical history.

  2. Penfold said:

    Don’t know. Speak to your insurer. If you don’t have an insurer, speak to Worldwide Insure – they are pretty good and helpful but like any company, will want you to buy from them.

  3. johnstonemac said:

    There is no difference in the premium that you pay between e.u. and u.s. however, insurance itself is more expensive for the u.s. From my bird the travel agent.

  4. oldave_olddave said:

    i bet it is, they have free health care,

  5. welcome news said:

    Yes – one client of ours was quoted an additional premium of £450.00 to cover a heart condition in America – but only £10.00 to cover it in Europe (in addition to standard travel insurance premiums).

    Beware of people advising you that you only need an EHIC for cover in the EU – whilst you’ll get treatment you wont get cancellation cover, cost of air-ambulance home or any other benefits. Travel insurance is a must.


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